Homa Bay County, woman representative Gladys Wanga has reacted to one of the appointments by President Uhuru Kenyatta in the latest reorganisation of the cabinet.

Writing on her twitter account after the names of the cabinet appointees begun to trickle out, the candid legislator could not hide her joy at the appointment of Dr Julius Ouma as the permanent secretary in the Department of Vocational Training.

Homabay County celebrates the appointment of Dr Julius Ouma Juan as PS in the State Dept of Vocational Training. Dr Juan is a dedicated public servant. Congratulations sir! She wrote.

She described the newly appointed PS as a dedicated public servant as she congratulated him.

Dr Julius Ouma will take over the position from Dr Kevit Desai.

The department falls within the ministry of education and deals with programs that are aimed at benefiting children and the youth through capacity building.

It also oversees programs that empower the Kenyan human resource with the aim of ensuring that standards that make Kenyan workers competitive at the global stage are pursued.

Its scope is diverse including curriculum development, quality assurance, registration of technical institutions and promotion of standards for technical education.

On the other hand, Honorable Junet Mohamed also applauded the country and the President on the reorganisation and here is what he had to say:

Great Day for our Country. Those who don’t share in Pres. Uhuru’s enhanced vision through Handshake have no need being in his government, and those who do are coming on board. A new nation – more perfect- is being crafted.

Check out some reactions from KOT:

Ochaka:  @gladyswanga now you’re proud since he’s hailing from your county, unfortunately, he’s found in a scam you’ll disown him. Sometimes it’s positive to celebrate as a community but priority is how many Luos will have gone to vocational training institutions when leaves the office.
Kruk: @gladyswangaTribal categorization should be denounced in all levels, this thing of politicians come out eti we as Kikuyu, Luo or Luhya….who nominated you to speak for the whole tribe??? Some even declare themselves kingpins and negotiate on political tables with his/her tribe’s name!
Sheriff: @gladyswangaCounty A celebrates, County B this, County B that. What EXACT package do these APPOINTEES have to go steal from the National Government to their home Counties? Something ain’t right when people Celebrate on tribal lanes.
Philip: @gladyswangaCongratulations… Wish him the Best… Let not the appointment just be rhetoric but should be full of a tangible transformation of our youthful generation


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