rafikiIf you ever are worried about what social media apps do or the concerns that you may have with apps collecting and selling your data and information to third party companies, then this Rafiki App comes in to help you with this major concern.

Rafiki is built on three key principles:
  1. Making it easier for you to find and connect with a person with similar interests or attributes; this could be anything as simple as being just a friend or someone to date.
  2. Enabling you to find a friend to network, socialize with, or date to remove the boredom, loneliness or stress you may be having.
  3. Removing the fear or shyness of having to ask someone for friendship or date face to face. It’s the link to a deeper truer connection.

Many of the social apps we have around us have been built in such a way that leaves a digital footprint of what we have been up to for others to see. Rafiki adds a layer of privacy in keeping your connections and people you befriend only known to you. Nothing public. It’s your secret friendly corner where the world around you doesn’t see what you are up to or what you share with your new connections.

App showing various match suggestions

When you download and install the app, and register, you’ll immediately see friends in your locality who are also using the app, and thus you are able to ask for a connection from them.

The app recommends possible matches from around you to connect with


The app, however, is premium and will charge you just KShs 10 bob to connect to someone. This is a service charge that enables you to receive the telephone number of the person you want to connect with.

Now you can meet your match, or connect with a new match suggested

Therefore, every friendship you create and want to connect with must be intentional so that you get to benefit from the connection you create. It’s like your private chatroom for you and your friends.

You can download the app via the Google play store today HERE.
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