Dear President,

I’ve seen many Kenyans ask you for a public holiday. Many want him on our notes; others have asked for a stadium to be named after Eliud Kipchoge;

Eliud Kipchoge
Eliud Kipchoge in action during the last seconds to making history

While those are great ideas, I would propose we create a legacy out of this; add a Big 5 pillar to your existing 4 pillars and that would be to build:

A No human is Limited Centre of Excellence for sports, music, technology, arts, and theatre in every county.

Where the young, the jobless and the hopeless can train in sports, in music, in agribusiness, in theatre, in arts, in app development, in the latest technologies. Each Centre will cost you roughly 1 Billion that is only 47 Billion!!!! less money than is stolen every 3 months.

You will then Name Eliud Kipchoge as the lead ambassador for the no human is limited; the rebirth of Kenya initiative. Many other Kenyans who have excelled world over can be called upon to form the board, Bitange Ndemo can sit on the board to advise on Technology, Githongo will sit on the board to advise on anti-corruption, Caroline Mutoko will be the communications lead. Lupita Nyong’o can sit on the board to advise on how to get our talents to the big screen, President Obama can be tapped upon to be the patron. We will then make the special needs community an important cog in the no human left behind wheel of possibilities.

We can then in one act as a nation, rally around this major global milestone to usher in the golden age of our republic, the millions of jobless youths can enroll to this centers for free to acquire world-class skills because the centers will be stocked with the best equipment and human resource i.e coaches and mentors. Out of the Centre’s the best talent in all fields will be tapped locally to help grow the local industries, we will then partner with international organizations to provide them the best trained human resource, the remaining will be funded by Uwezo Fund and local banks to start mini no human is limited Centre of excellence in their villages.

Rwanda 🇷🇼 is steadily moving up up up while Kenya 🇰🇪 goes down down down, we must take a minute and pause, think and change direction, they recently launched the first smartphone and VW car fully assembled in Rwanda.

Mr President, of all your big 4 agendas, this 5th one will impact the most vulnerable segment of the Kenyan society, the jobless youth, we must take drastic action to address the insurmountable challenges that face us.

Kenya must use its best ambassadors to make a case for partnerships and collaborations globally, Nike, Microsoft, google Samsung and Many other forward-thinking organizations will quickly want to come on board to fully transform this nation.

As usual, the excitement will die in a week and as a nation, we will not tap into our greatest icons, like Conje who waste away, we will watch as other organizations like INEOS Create value from our best.

Maybe this is just but a dream, but dream we must.

#ifikieRais #ifikiewakenya #ifikiekipchoge #ifikieINEOS


Maybe INEOS Should fund the first No Human is limited Centre of excellence in Eliud’s village!

A Kenya from the remotest village of Kenya.🏃🏽🏃🏽

Kenyans please help me share this, thank you in advance, if I was president I’ll just execute I won’t ask you to share 😂😂😂

~ Anonymously shared from the Internet
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