Last Saturday was a special one for the lovers of performing arts. The play christened “THE GAME” lived to meet all the hype it had been generating on all the social media platforms it has followers on. Everyone was “I must watch #TheGame. Others were Where can I find tickets for #TheGame?”

We are a generation of idiots, smartphones and dumb people, the storyline goes in one of their social media posts.

The event held at the University of Nairobi, Kisumu at the Auditorium was highly attended. Even KFCB couldn’t resist it and had to send a representative who gave #TheGame a thumbs up after the show was over and all was dusted.

Part of the attentive audience

In the plot, the story revolves around a family that had it all going, with everything, literally life in that family revolving around technology. House Wi-Fi-powered, everybody with smartphones. Dad! Mum! Daughter! House-help! You can say life here was on the buttered side of life!

If the house-help (played by Wendy Ashikhomela) wanted to buy food for dinner, she had to send an inquiry email to the “Madam” (Mama Sonia – played by Eeva Caren).

If you want to ask a question on anything, ask via WhatsApp. Life was all but ❤,👍,😆,😡 and then there was little 😢 and more 😭😭😭😭 when the man of the house (Patrick – Baba Sonia played by Meph Ogola) lost his job, he was declared redundant after the software he had developed replaced his services in the company he was working at.

Patrick (Baba Sonia) reminiscing in his house after being declared redundant by the software he had created

#TheGame was actually an immersive game that had literally everyone at play. It revolves around the negative effects of the internet and advocates for safer ways of using it.

The audience favorite was the Deputy Headteacher a Mr. Absalom Marara Himuselfu (played by Ezra Mapesa), who spoke Swahili most of the time and kept them on the edge of their seats with a funny accent and pronunciation of words. His pronunciation of Sonia (played by Wendy Ashikhomela) was one of the best parts of the act, and his use of words as “Munanishika” “Munanipata” kept the audience laughing their hearts out!

Mr. Absalom Marara Himuselufu with Sonia standing behind him

I also bet Sonia was also one of the audience favorites, acting both as the house-help (Wambirianga) and a student at the same time, and I am sure more than half of the crowd didn’t realize the double agent role she played in the plot. As a student, she was hated and loved in equal measure as she was seen as a very strong competition to Ben (the bad student played by – Joe Oswago) the most loved/liked/favorite student in the school.

Just like all social sites/groups have admins/managers, #TheGame also had its own in Tom (played by Moses Mburu). The plot thickens as the game enters homestretch with lobbying, backstabbing being the order of the day and the competition stiffens between Ben and Sonia on who will be declared the favorite in the school. This makes the competition even harder and thus forces them to go to extra miles so as to gain major points and be declared the best. Sonia is then forced to take nude photos and share on the platform and makes her trend online, but I bet she won the score, despite her image being soiled beyond measure. Her parents got also to see the nude images of the daughter.

When the parents were summoned to the school by the Principal (played by Godfrey Kedogo, the disciplinarian), did the cat come out of the basket! It was a shock to everyone!

A scene at the school with the Principal cautioning the students against smartphones in the school compound, Ben is on the right of Mr. Marara with Sonia on his left

Sonia’s dad – Patrick, was revealed as the creator of #TheGame and Tom his sidekick was revealed as the Admin who was approving all the photos and content which were being pushed to the social platform.

And now, #GameOver with the students deciding that they do not want phones in the school compound anymore.

Other members of the cast were:

  • Junior James – the stammerer
  • Diana Olunga – Mashairi/the poet
  • Anthony Omulo
  • Charlton
  • Vincent

Our Verdict: 7/10👍

The script was good, the cast was good, but I think there was a little disconnect in terms of using the same team members very vividly for roles as was played by the dad and mum at one point as students. It was a little confusing. While on the other hand, Sonia played her two roles perfectly and was not evident to single her two different roles in the whole play.

We also think that apart from showing the negative sides of using social media in school, it didn’t in any way show also the positive sides of it. Therefore, gives the use of smartphones in school a blanket condemnation as a negative tool and of no positive significance, unless that was the whole intent of the play.

What do you think of the above story?
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  1. Godfrey Emoja

    October 3, 2019 at 3:14 pm

    Wow, this is a great review….. Love it.


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