The HiiStoryYa workshop is designed to equip participants with the skills and knowledge to participate in cultural heritage through their own personal interpretation and cultural backgrounds.

It is intended to act as a guide on how to navigate researching, presenting and documenting cultural heritage material within the Kenyan landscape.

To attend the Kisumu HiiStoryYa Audience Workshop, Register Here

Participants will learn where to search for historical material in their regions, how to document their work and how to best present their outputs through physical and digital forms. They will gain skills in research, digitization and content presentation, which they can then use to craft, curate and present their own narratives.

What’s your story? – HiiStoryYa Kisumu Audience Workshop Poster

The workshop is open to participants from different backgrounds, expertise and academic disciplines. By opening up the program to diverse interests, and perspectives we hope to create an exciting space for dialogue, sharing, and collaboration.

The workshop will be led by different practitioners whose work in cultural heritage is a manifestation of their own personal journeys and most importantly, demonstrates the power of individuals such as you and me to create a lasting impact at a personal, community and national level.

The workshop content shall include:

1. Through my lens- Personal interpretation of cultural heritage.

  • Finding your voice – What does cultural heritage mean to you?
  • Setting the stage for your project/idea ( From creation to dissemination) – (Where does it take place? Who does it involve)

2. Laying the groundwork – Research and Ethics in cultural heritage.

  • Data mining – Where can I find historical material in Kenya?
  • Kenyan policy and laws around collecting and documenting cultural heritage
  • Crafting your own narrative and creative approaches to cultural heritage

3. On the Ground – Carrying out fieldwork and digitization.

  • Ways of documenting data
  • Oral History and Audio recording
  • Creating good data for present and future use.

4. Telling your story – Sharing and presenting cultural heritage material 

  • Cultural heritage through theatre, music and other art forms
  • Using social media platforms to share content
  • Accessing spaces and venues in Nairobi

5. Idea Mapping and Questions

  • Section for participants to explore any ideas or questions they may have with the trainers

To attend the Kisumu HiiStoryYa Audience Workshop, Register Here

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