Kamas is the hub of business in downtown Kisumu. The business activities that happen within and about the area makes it comparable only to River Road in Nairobi.

Stretching all the way from the Aga Khan Hall roundabout to downtown Obote Road and the surrounding, Kamas houses shops that deal in products or those that specialize in products as car spare parts, electronics, fishing materials, garments, just to name but a few. It also has entertainment outlets such as bars and casinos. It offers hotel services. Everyone in Kisumu has bought something from here or even has procured a service from this business location.

But what is the shopping experience for the first time in Kamas like?

The process of buying goods and services is rather complicated. Unlike the belief that an individual makes up his or her mind once and makes a purchase is far-fetched. The activities take place in stages. However, the stages need not be linear, given that we all use different approaches in making goods and services become our own. And you also need to be very careful whom and where you procure your goods and services from.

Conmen and artists abound in plenty here, too. From legit trade to black-market business. You want it (anything) for cheap, come to Kamas. You will get it all. Anything you want under this warm Kisumu sky!

Unlike buying kales from mama mboga down the street, buying any electronic device takes a different approach for most people. First, an individual will have a need. It could be to create entertainment. The good doctor might have recommended indoors entertainment for the month of August in Kisumu. It is cold!!!

Once the need is identified, the potential buyer rolls out the process of purchasing the electronic. Given that most people do not have the most information about electronics within reach, they look for different avenues to look for the same. The internet, friends and family, and blogs. Others take leisure walks (window shopping) while making comparisons in the shops that offer the electronics they seek.

Buying goods and services in Kamas gives you a relatively different experience.

Despite having sold cycle and electronics for nearly a decade, most boda boda operators plying the area do not know where Cycle and Electronics Services, Kisumu is situated. Asking around is bound to mislead you. Consulting Google maps help, but not when you are nervous or anxious about putting your hands on your bought gadget.

Cars also have been repaired (panel-beaten and spray painted) from here too. Kamas is like a one-stop-shop in Kisumu.

To the newcomers in the City of Kisumu, the Total Petrol Station along that stretch of the road to Obote Road is the synonymous definition of the Kamas code! Everyone knows it. If you say you are going to Kamas, they’ll bring you right here!

It is for this reason that the area and its vicinity is dotted by very many industrial complexes and manufacturing companies, car shops, hardware shops, and even KCB have a branch here!

Me, therefore, think that Kamas is actually COMMERCE! What about you?

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