Kenyan women often complain that their male counterparts do not dress well enough when they step out on a date. She makes the effort to shop for a lovely evening gown and he steps in with an ill-fitting suit that looks like it was given to him for free by a friend who was attempting to get rid of it.

It’s okay to be a bad boy and not care about what people think, that’s an attractive quality in a man, but at some point you’ve got to make an effort in your appearance as man. Men are lucky in that women tend to value their sense of style more than their actual facial features (more often than not). So that right there presents an opportunity to make a huge impression on the lady of your dreams. 

Men of power wear expensive suits and Rolex watches not because they have the money to waste, but rather because it serves as a strong indication of their character. A well-dressed man on a date subliminally communicates that he cares about his date enough to make the effort to look good for her. And there’s no better start to a future relationship than a man who displays his willingness to possibly make you a priority in his life someday in future. So without further ado, let’s roll into this date-night makeover for men in Kenya.

We did two things as we were setting up.

We chose a guy who is good looking and also asked him to come for the makeover in his best date night attire. This is because we wanted to make the makeover as realistic as possible. A lot of makeovers tend to exaggerate the before look in order to make the after look stand out more. This however, rarely coincides with real life. Rarely do men go from baggy t-shirts and jeans to being the sharpest dressed gentleman in the room. It’s a progression. In addition to being more realistic, we also wanted to show you how inasmuch as your prospective gentleman may already look okay, he can look so much better with the right execution.

Let’s break this up into two parts. Before, on the left, and After, on the right.


We like his attempt at an analogous colour harmony. For those who may not know, what he’s done is a fashion technique in which one wears slightly different shades of the same colour. So for example in his case, he’s pulled it off with shades of brown. You have a tortilla brown jacket, umber brown pants and a striped walnut brown shirt. That’s quite an attempt; we’ve got to give him marks for that.

  • The problem is the poor fit of the jacket, as well as the not-so-great fit of the shirt.
  • A second problem is the colour he chose to base his layering on. Brown is a difficult colour for him to work with because of two reasons. One, he’s fairly light skinned. Contrasting the colour of one’s clothes with the colour of their skin tends to look good, particularly at first glance. Secondly, brown is a fairly dull colour. Psychology has shown that whether we like it or not, different colours have different moods. So the brown tends to dull down the effect of the layering technique he probably worked so hard to achieve.
  • Lastly, he seems to have unbuttoned his shirt a bit so that we can take a peak at either his chain/chest, not sure which exactly. This tends to scream “I’m trying too hard” and is not a classy look for men of power.


In the After shot we fitted him with a King Sidney jacket, although you can go for any jacket as long as the issues we identified in the before section are resolved. Let’s tackle them one by one.

  • The jacket is not only much better, but also fits a lot better. The shirt also fits much better, which will help solve problem number three down the line.
  • We stayed in line with the layering technique; we just showed him how to execute it better. Plus black is a colour of grace and power and makes him look much more divine. More often than not, you don’t necessarily need to change a man’s style altogether. It’s a matter of just utilising what he already likes wearing in a way that eventually leaves him looking a whole lot sharper.
  • Lastly, we buttoned his shirt and put the chain above it. If he was looking to showcase a chain, we solved that conundrum by overlaying it over the shirt where everyone can see it (men sometimes tend to have emotional ties to their jewellery). If it’s his chest he wanted to showcase, we solved that by making the shirt fit better and therefore outlining the contours of his physique. Women are very perceptive. A chest outline is bound to build a lot more anticipation than a cheap attempt at nakedness.

And there you have it. A date-night makeover for Kenyan men.

Comment below with your thoughts. Who knows, we just might gift your man the perfect makeover.

Guest article by: Paul Oloo

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  1. Sean ondiek

    June 20, 2019 at 1:24 pm

    Wow. That look is really nice


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