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Kisumu County, UCLG and GoK Sign MoU for Africities Summit 2021


Earlier today, the County Government of Kisumu, United Cities and Local Governments Africa (UCLG) and the Government of Kenya signed off a memorandum of understanding that has set the ball rolling for the hosting of the Africities Summit in November 2021 here in Kisumu.

The event which was held at Ciala Resort in the outskirts of the city, brought together all stakeholders involved in the hosting of this event: both national international organizations were highly represented, not forgetting the local tourism stakeholders.

Kisumu becomes the first intermediary city to host the summit and 2021 will be the first time the Summit will be hosted outside a capital city. Up to 10,000 international and local delegates are expected to attend this weeklong event.


Attendees at the event/Photo: Oleche Innocent

The MOU was signed by the County of Kisumu Governor, Prof. Anyang’ Nyong’o, CS Devolution and ASAL, Hon. Eugene Wamwala and Mr. Jean Pierre Elong Mbassi, Secretary General of UCLG Africa.


CS Wamalwa signs MoU/Photo: Oleche Innocent


UCLG Secretary General Mr. Jean Pierre Elong Mbassi signs MoU/Photo: Oleche Innocent


Governor Nyong’o signs MoU/Photo: Oleche Innocent

“Africities Summit provides a huge opportunity to tap into the huge potential that abound in the Lake Region Economic Bloc specifically in the tourism sector” said Governor Nyong’o in a speech.

With the UCLG Secretary General reiterating that this is a huge opportunity for the County of Kisumu to showcase its numerous opportunities and its potential to the league of cities and nations as a destination for international conferences and investments.

Kisumu County also issued a cheque of KShs 50,000,000 to UCLG, to confirm its obligation, readiness and commitment to host this international event.


Governor Nyong’o issues cheque to UCLG Secretary General/Photo: Oleche Innocent

Various organizations have pledged their support to this initiative with UN Habitat pledging up to KShs 300 million towards the development of the city’s lakefront.

The national government on its part is also going to help put up a convention center at the current location of Sunset Hotel.

The CEC Tourism Ms Achie Alai also said that Agricultural Society of Kenya has also committed to put up a convention center at its expansive acres of land in Kisumu.


CECs Nerry Achar (Finance) and Achie Alai (Tourism) at the event/Photo: Oleche Innocent


Dancers entertaining guests at the colorful event/Photo: Oleche Innocent

Governor Nyong’o called upon the residents of Kisumu to be ready to receive over 10,000 guests who will attend this event and also accommodate them in the various hotels and homestays locally available.

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