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Western Kenya Trip to Showcase its Beauty and Splendor Kicks-Off Today

western kenya fam trip 2019

Western Kenya Tourism fraternity has today launched a familiarization trip to explore, discover and experience the truly amazing sights and sounds that are found here in Western Kenya.

The trip began from Nairobi with select tour operators from around the country who will get to learn and showcase the unique gems of Western Kenya thereby providing knowledge this region of Kenya has and that it is attractively endowed to provide touristic experiences and entertainment spots to would be visitors.

The tour is four days starting from April 2nd-6th, 2019 and will explore areas from Kericho, Kakamega, Kisumu, Siaya and Homabay before the entourage departs back for Nairobi on the 6th.

Western Kenya is famous for cultural and historical heritage categorized into dances, food, sports, entertainment to natural attractions like the Kenya’s only existing rainforest – Kakamega Forest which is a tropical rainforest and also Lake Victoria which is world’s second largest fresh water lake; among the other various attractions.

Some of the attractions that are to be visited include: Kericho Tea Plantations, Kakamega Forest, Kakamega Crying stone at Ilesi, Kit Mikayi, Boat rides at Lake Victoria, Mama Sarah Obama, Lake Kanyaboli, Rusinga Island, Lake Simbi Nyaima, Ruma National Park.

This is just an inaugural trip to provide exposure of the region for easier marketing of the diverse tourism and hospitality products the region has.

Various hospitality companies and restaurants are fully supporting this trip by offering accommodation and delicacies throughout the trip.

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