In this time of low water throughput from the various water harvesting sites, KIWASCO advises its clients to adhere to these water-saving tips to preserve and make maximum use of this precious yet limited resource:

Dear esteemed customer,

Kindly apply the below water saving tips to help in water conservation even as we try to live with the little that is being supplied now.

  • Not leaving taps dripping
  • Showering rather than running a bath
  • Partially filling a sink or basin when washing utensils instead of using running water
  • Reducing your shower times by one minute.
  • Washing your vegetables and fruits in a basin rather than under a running tap and later re-use this water for cleaning or watering plants.

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  • Not leaving the tap running when brushing your teeth, shaving or washing hands.
  • Washing your car using a bucket instead of a hosepipe.
  • Using a watering can instead of a hosepipe.
  • Eliminating leakages and regularly inspecting any unseen leakages by carrying out this test; record your meter reading then wait for about 2 hours when no water is being used before taking the reading again, if the reading remains exactly the same, then you can be sure there is no leak.

If there is a leak within your property call or send a message to KIWASCO on 0700517517.

What is your current water saving tips? Please share with us in the comments section below.

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