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Don’t Wash Vehicles as You Eat Fish at Lwang’ni Beach

car wash

Car washing has been prohibited on the shores of Lake Victoria, again, to curb water pollution.

Lwang’ni beach is the most popular with this act, and many fish lovers, oblivious (or not) of the environmental dangers car washing at the lake front causes to the ecosystem have always continued to enjoy their delicacies as their cars get cleaned.

car wash
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The National Environmental Management Authority (NEMA) first made this ban more than 5 years ago, and even ended up building five car-wash sites away from the lake in Kisumuโ€™s Kibuye, Kaloleni, Kisumu Polytechnic and in Kondele neighborhoods, which have been mostly avoided as plague, and with more vehicles in Kisumu, there seems to be not enough car wash facilities in this lakeside town.

Every roadside/neighborhood in Kisumu has at least one car wash!

This, however, has never been effected, and car washers have continued, with a reckless abandon washed vehicles in the various beach points along Kisumu’s Lake Victoria.

In a new twist to conserve the lake, the County Government of Kisumu in December released a new circular banning this car wash business along the water body.

From the green algae caused by massive chemicals deposit from the vehicles washes and industrial deposits, pollution of the lake has caused massive deaths of fish and has continuously promoted the growth of the water hyacinth.

โ€œThe algae has compromised the freshness of the lake. It smells badly and affects aquatic life,โ€ a NEMA officer was quoted as saying.

Surrounding communities had also been urged to avoid dumping waste in the lake.

This also comes in the backdrop of the recent conference on blue economy held in the country late last year that brought into focus the need to conserve and protect our water resources.

And just today, 15 people have been apprehended for flouting this new rule, after they were found washing vehicles at the beaches of Lake Victoria at Kiboko Bay and Lwang’ni beaches, despite Kisumu’s Governor Prof. Anyang Nyongโ€™o banning the practice in December last year.

It is our hope and prayer that this harmful act to the lake ecosystem actually comes to an end.

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