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Investment Summit: How To Raise Capital For Your Business Enterprise

Winam Investment and Innovation Summit 2018


Limited purchasing powers, lack of training, lack of seed capital, lack of management skills and business infrastructure are a few of the challenges facing women and generally all entrepreneurs in Western Kenya.

For this reason, we have seen a great number of efforts geared towards the financial training and support of various target groups in our society here in Kisumu and around us.

One such organization is working towards solving this ill in the greater lake basin region of Kenya. Winam Capital is coming in with an investment and innovation summit later in the month, to hold discussions and share best practices with the local entrepreneurial community on these business thinking.

The inaugural investment and innovation summit will provide women with the opportunity to pitch their businesses or ideas to investors so as to receive investment capital or support so that they can build on the existing businesses or start new ones.

Such an investment would contribute to socio-economic and gender equality, which would, in turn, eliminate poverty and improve the living standards of women in the western Kenya region.

Winam Investment and Innovation Summit is an excellent fit for individuals with an entrepreneurial capability and mindset.

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Summit Poster: Array of Speakers

There is evidence to suggest that the loans offered to women are not often used in their business but for household consumption in which among the significant non-business activities which the women spent the loan for are school fees payment, medical expenses, further building and home repair, food and daily use, and catering for social and holiday expenses. This is because they lack enough knowledge on how they can use these finances to run a business.

Thus, this is the reason why investment and advisory firms as Winam Capital exist, so as to provide both financial and non-financial services to their clients and the business community in the lakeside region at large.

The services include business training on prudent financial management practices, consultancy among others.

These actions help individuals buttress their ventures to withstand unanticipated shocks and circumstances and to improve from the backlash of the business environment while trying to make enterprises sustainable.

So, join in the discussion at the inaugural investment summit – November 27-30th at the University of Nairobi, Kisumu and later a gala Business Leaders Awards at the Acacia Premier Hotel on the last day of the summit.

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