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Watch: Episode 7: Leakey Ochieng โ€“ A LGBTIQ Activist

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Leakey Ochieng is the chief creative Officer Kisumu Peer Educators (KISPED), a Human Right Defender, LGBTIQ activist, Artist and Documentary producer.

In his line of work he has realized a number of achievements, including, development of a program channeled towards reducing stigma and discrimination towards LGBTQ persons within the region by targeting members of the public through arts, media and sports as a tool for dialogue.

Moreover, he established a Media project within Kisumu county to create that platform for LGBTQ to express themselves and share their stories.

He has documented different LGBTQ personโ€™s stories including:

  • Call Me He,
  • We Are Not Confused,
  • Against The Odd of Nature
  • Bible and Sexuality,
  • Ally ship.
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