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Movie Premiere: “Odiero”, November 3rd, 2018


ANGA Mega Cinema is showing you a Kisumu produced movie titled Odiero. Odiero is produced by a Mr. Albert Wandago – a reknowned film-maker in the lakeside city of Kisumo.

By all standards she is an African beauty; her magnificence is electrifying; her elegance is impeccable, that is Jacky Omollo a.k.a Odiero – a very successful business mogul in the Lakeside City of Kisumu who lives flamboyantly in her palatial home on top of Riat Hills.

She is a true example of an economically empowered woman.

Having been brought up pauper, against all odds Jacky struggled and ventured into mobile money, Cyber Café, fish and garments importation among other businesses. This does not please her competitors who hatch a plan to bring her down. The plan however, does not succeed due to a swift intervention by the police.

Wait, you have to watch this movie this Saturday, so as to understand what happened next.

She’s #Odiero

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