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Hey Fam, Lets Vote Maxy and DSSK in the Talanta Mtaani Competition

The first season of Talanta Mtaani took place in 2017 in Nairobi with talent showing up from all over Kenya and neighbouring countries. It is searching for raw talents, previously in season one they majored only in Nairobi but this season they went nation wide for the first time.

Okello Max, aka, Maxy, the Kisumu based artist is currently the only participant from Kisumu in the second edition of the Talanta Mtaani show. There’s also a dance group – DSSK from Kisumu who are also proceeding to the next level.

The talents in question in the Talanta Mtaani show, include, singers, rappers, dancers, comedians, magicians and actors. Both competing for the same grand price. Last season the winner took home a sum of KShs 100,000 and a TV, so the rumors are this time it might be bigger because its nationwide.

The show airs on KTN TV every Fridays @ 8pm EAT.

To vote for Maxy and DSSK, please send the following codes:

  • A DSSK
  • A MAXY


Vote as many times as you can. No limit to voting.

Voting system closes November 1st.

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