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Understanding God (Nyasaye) from a Luo Perspective


Luo folkore tells the story of a woman who appeared during the hunt for the sacred spear by our ancestor Aruwa.

Stories and tales from all corners of our great Nilotic culture speak of the same woman appearing in Nyamgondho wuod Ombare’s saga and the same who drowned the village of Simbi Nyaima. She appears many times as thunder and can be seen travelling across the lands mysteriously. 

In my argument I propose that the Name “Nyarsaye” or Nyasae” which is the articate for God in Luo has been mis-interpreted and thus misused. In Luo culture there is no appearance of God as a Male save for Lwanda Magere and Even still Somehow the tale of the divine woman is undoubtedly re-ccurent and she seems to posess more powers than Lwanda Magere. So. Could this be Nyasaye or God as from our ancestors perspective?
In Luo we say  “Nyar gem short is Nyagem meaning Daughter of Gem, Nya Kisumo short is Nyakisumo . The prefix NYAR is used to show the female and JA” as in Jagem means Man of Gem. 

This can only Mean then That NYAR-SAYE would then mean Daughter of Saye . Here SAE being then a place of Origin. The root of the word SAYE comes From SAYO meaning to Beg or Plead. And likely is connected to the Nature of prayer where “Man asks from God”.

This to me is the door way to understanding God from a Luo perspective and a complete argument against Luo tribe being predominantly a partriachal society.

Onto you brethren, critique and education is allowed.

This story was first published here.

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