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Dunga Boardwalk: Experience the Lushness of Lake Victoria Marshland

Dunga Boardwalk

The Dunga boardwalk in Dunga Village at the beach, is your perfect place for bird watching, hippos watch and enjoying the amazing Kisumu sunset yonder the Lake Victoria waters. The sundowners along the lake are breathtaking. Ambers of the sun spreading a screaming golden brown across the full breadth of the lake are also a common phenomenon every evening.

The boardwalk stands on top of a wetland swamp that is made up largely of papyrus reeds, giving it the lush green ambience. You can walk on the boardwalk and experience the lushness of marshland in a very quiet and serene environment, save for the chirping sounds of the various birds’ communities.

dunga boardwalk
Dunga boardwalk in the night

Shores of Dunga beach serves as tourism sites apart from the aquatic breeding and the riverine activities happening in the catchments areas. It is a perfect destination to watch the bird life and marine life around the beaches of Lake Victoria. You can also see antelopes, snakes and hippos in the evening, while enjoying great sundowners.

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There is small museum here that displays the wares and crafts made by the various women groups around Dunga village. Many of these are traditional Luo artefacts including musical instruments, ornaments, costumes and many more.

dunga boardwalk
The museum and the lush green marshland of the papyrus reeds

You can also find eco magazines and old newspapers that gives a good view into the traditional artifacts and crafts that were made by the fishing communities around Lake Victoria.

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