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Game of Poker Lands Kisumu Social Media Influencer Business Ownership

Congratulations Aniva 😉. Well deserved.

The handshake manenos
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Ilianza na kaselfie, double tap! That’s all it took.

Anyways, a friend of mine – Aniva, took her other friend for pedicure to this beauty shop located at the K-City Business Park early this afternoon.

The proprietor of the shop, a young guy – Derrick, decided to ask Aniva to a Game of Cards/Poker! Little did he know that he was gonna meet a Master, sorry Mistress of the game. A pro, if you may like.

Aniva (Middle) Derrick on the right

Of course in games of Poker, the players must always set aside money or whatever thing he/she doesn’t mind losing.

The gentleman, Derick, decided to bet his entire shop! Who does that! Equally my female friend also had an equally important piece of bet she couldn’t mind losing.

May the Poker Games Begin!

The first round, my friend, Laura won, to the disbelief of her opponent, and another round, and another round, and another round. Derrick, couldn’t believe what was happening this afternoon, and since it was a bet, and there were witnesses, he couldn’t do anything but to agree to have to lose his entire shop!

Aniva kept winning! #PokerFace
Let’s toast to the win and new partnership!

But Aniva being the sweet lady she always is, only decided to take part ownership as business partners.

Now Aniva and Derrick both own 50% each of the shop, thanks to a Game of Poker!

Gentlemen and ladies, I hereby welcome you to Gentle Touch Barbershop and Beauty Parlor. It is the hippiest, coolest beauty shop in town.

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Aniva and Derrick asks you to make this your new beauty spot while in Kisumu. You won’t get disappointed, or cheated.

What would you have done differently had you been in the situation?


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