A few months ago, I walked into the Mega Plaza Mall along Kisumu’s Oginga Odinga Street, and something new was coming up. I was wondering at the time what it was, but still couldn’t wrap my head around it.

So, someday last month I am here again at the same Mall, and the said facility is up and running. And guess what it was! It’s a bank store.

Cba bank facility
Your state-of-the-art CBA Loop Store

I had heard before of the amazing products that the bank was offering and wasn’t I excited! I wanted to try it immediately, at this time even, I had already installed their mobile app on my phone already. I believed in it even before I made that decision to walk into the store that particular day.

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Mobile phones technologies have disrupted how we communicate, engage and even how we do business. You now can easily and effectively work on the go, straight from your mobodevice! You can now efficiently write, edit, create, print, publish, etc. absolutely anything from the palm of your hands with the easily available mobile tech.

I am one person who likes convenience, always on the move and most times not in my physical working space. This story was even written while I was 20,000 feet above the Turkana airspace. I literally can work from anywhere, thanks to mobile tools antechnologies.

Back to the bank story. So I walk in and am heartily welcomed in. As I sit, a gentleman asks me if I would mind a cup of coffee or tea. I was stupefied at first, asking myself if I had made a mistake and actually want into a restaurant or the bank store. The indoor ambience borders that of a classy restaurant, with a bar-like desk with stools, a lounge with sofasets and an LED screen showing you the latest happenings from around the world. Feels like home, away from home.

Cba bank facility
Inside look of a CBA Loop Store

Welcome to CBA Loop Store, Kisumu

There are a lot of places your money can go without you having to do the leg work.

Make all your payments through Loop, chop-chop and cheap-cheap. That includes Mobile money payments, Looping some cash to a fellow Looper, any other bank, or international recipient.

CBA Customers will also be able to access loans of up to KShs 3 million payable in 3 years and overdrafts of up to KShs 100,000, straight from your mobile phone! 

Cba bank facility
Loans of upto 3 years possible via the CBA Loop app

That’s what CBA Bank with Loop has for you.

With CBA, you will literally unbank yourself. Delink yourself from the need to go to the bank/ATM machines to get finances.

I had earlier talked about convenience, and that’s what CBA does for you. It makes transacting your finances easy and efficient. Need a loan? You can get it straight from the app.

Financial Manager

I have previously tried using various apps for personal financial management, and they’ve never been satisfactory, they’ve never been able to meet my needs and demands, to effectively help with a prudent plan on how to save my finances.

Cba bank facility
CBA Loop simplifying payments

Loop’s personal finance manager analyses your spending habits so you can have a better picture of where your money is going. It shows you a detailed graph of where your income is spent, so you can be sure your outgoing expenses aren’t the result of some magical sorcery. This way you can plan, track, and analyse your money, so you can become your own financial wizard. No need for an in-person financial advisor, who will cost you more money to keep/maintain.

Join Commercial Bank of Africa today, the bank for interesting people. It will be the best money making/saving decision you’ll ever make.

Download the app today from this link:

Android phone users: https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.cba.loop

iOS phone users: https://itunes.apple.com/ke/app/cba-loop/id1201254161?mt=8

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