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At Least 18,000 Music Aficionados Attend the Kisumu Twaweza Live Concert


Thank you Kisumu! You never disappoint.
Last night was an extraordinary one. After two weeks of intense #TwawezaLive activities, campaigns, community actions, Skiza Rights Holder’s Forum, a medical camp, and Blaze BYOB Summit in Kisumu and the region, there was just one more thing! The #TwawezaLive Concert last night at the Mamboleo Showground.

The crowd was ecstatic! A gathering of over 18,000 music aficionados came out to have fun, enjoy good music and mingle.

The artists line up was beyond reproach. Their performances, heavenly πŸ‘ŒπŸ½. Kisumu people couldn’t get enough of it. They wanted more, and they received it all. In progressive doses the whole night long. Eventually, there had to be an end and dawn ensued. The party had to come to a stop, eventually.

The live music concert had a lineup consisting of the legendary duo Gidi Gidi Maji Maji, Nameless, Musa Jakadala, Jah Bruno, Jua Cali, Willy Paul, Akothee, Mercy Masika and King Kaka.

The Kisumu edition had artistes come up with creative performances hosted by famed hype masters Jalang’o, MC Alemba, and Twaweza local talent winner – MC Peace Chris, with comedic interludes by Njugush.

The concert culminated with deejay performances by Kriss Darlin, Dj Joe Mfalme, Dj Deff and Dj Pscratch.

Some of the most notable performances were; King Kaka- bringing the best of his Kaka empire artistes, Timmy T Dat and Femi One to be part of his set, and Willy Paul’s grand entrance to the stage with a fleet of super bikes as his escort.

The series will proceed to Machakos and end in Nairobi.

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But then again, it was a fun night. If you weren’t here, too bad. Wait for the next time, next year.

Sample the images below from the night to never forget.

Thank you Kisumu. Thank you Safaricom. Kisumu Twaweza!

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