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Amazing Kisumu is Upgrading its Website


Dear friend, Amazing Kisumu is upgrading its website so as to serve you better, therefore, our site will be down for this much needed maintenance for approximately three (3) hours, or less effective 10.00pm April 12, 2018.

Our conviction has been to round-the-clock serve the Amazing Kisumu Community with fresh ideas, fresh concepts for positive branding and portrayal of the great city and county of Kisumu. The businesses in the city and the region stand to benefit the most from this new branding we are employing. Our readers too will benefit from the seamless and well researched information that we will be serving.

We are bringing forth a fresh new look that is responsive to your use and needs. If you are a business owner, you will be able to list your business in our versatile and user friendly; Kisumu’s First and only online business directory for free (listing lasts up to one month).

We also have an eye catching events listing showcasing what is happening in and around the city, places to visit, and what to do. You should wait and see how this new awesome addition works!

In our upgraded site, you shall easily browse and search for businesses using the search tool which has geolocation to help you easily find businesses and events happening around you.

Another new addition is a tool to review the respective business, giving out your exact experience on either the service they gave you, cost of their products, customer service etc., and also directly write a message to the respective business, which will prompt their immediate response to your needs.

Expect to see a new brand, a new logo, a new feel and a new look! If you have been keen, we have been playing around with some great new ideas in colours, gradients etc. We are coming back fresh, we are coming back big! These are some the few features among the very many others that we have added to effectively serve you better and give you an amazing sense of the great City of Kisumu.

Yes, let us Discover and Experience the Best of Kisumu, together!

NOTE: We shall also let you know immediately our website is right up.

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