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Silverstone Air Launches Direct Flights Between Kisumu and Mombasa


Five months after launching daily flights into Kisumu from Nairobi’s Wilson Airport, Silverstone Air has launched a direct route from Kisumu to Mombasa International Airport.

The initiative is set to revolutionise trade and tourism between the Lake Region Economic Block Counties and the Jumuia za Pwani counties.

Silverstone Air’s Maiden Flight touching down at Kisumu International Airport

“We will start cargo transportation…and we are slightly cheaper. We will do all cargo and parcels apart from non-dangerous goods. For body transportation we will charge Sh40,000 only. Traders dealing with fish from the two counties who have been urging us to start transporting their commodities can now breathe a sigh of relief,” the airline’s sales manager Patrick Oketch said Monday.

The KShs 10,000 one way flight and KShs 20,000 return will see the plane fly Kisumu-Mombasa route twice weekly on Fridays and Sundays departing Kisumu at 1pm arriving at the coastal town at 2.30 pm and setting off on the return path at 3 pm to land at the lakeside airport at 4.40 pm.

“With Kisumu’s strategic position on Lake Victoria and on the fringes of the Great Lakes Region, a direct link to Mombasa is a big boon for both cities. Can we explore Mombasa port to expand the market for Nyanza’s fresh fish? Silverstone air services will soon fly our sea fish to Nyanza,” the deputy governor said.

To book your flight, go to – Silverstone Air Bookings

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