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Lupita Gifts 1,200 Kisumu County Students Black Panther Movie

black panther

The Oscar award winning Lupita Nyong’o, who plays Nakia in the movie just sponsored 1,200 school children drawn from across Kisumu County to watch the movie this week in what is now dubbed “The Black Panther Challenge”.

The Black Panther Challenge – is an opportunity for people across the globe to sponsor children to watch the Black Panther Movie in the cinemas.

The 1,200 students were drawn from all the 7 sub-counties of Kisumu County and were mostly from both the drama and journalism clubs in their respective schools. The first set of 600 students watched the movie on the first day, thereafter the second set also managed to watch the movie.

The students also managed to visit the Impala Animal Sanctuary and the Dunga Board Walk in Dunga Village.

Lupita’s hope is to inspire the children to aspire to greater self-worth.

She also hopes that by viewing the positive images projected in the film and seeing superheroes who they can relate to on the big screen, the children’s perspective will change positively.

In an Instagram post she says:

This challenge was launched by Lupita’s mum, the First Lady of Kisumu County – Mrs. Dorothy Nyong’o herself on February 20-21 at ANGA Mega Cinemas Kisumu.

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Since the global debut of the movie last Friday, Kisumu has not kept calm. Actually if anyone has not this far watched the Black Panther movie, then it’s all laughable. I’ve heard many others saying that they are waiting for the price of a DVD to drop down to 50 bob for them to watch it 🙂 (I think you know what am trying to say!)

Maybe the film is utopic in nature, but I think and believe that in many respects, it tries to inform us that Africa is not left far too behind in the technological innovations. Africa can re-invent itself, Africa can find its global footing as the cradle of humankind by efficiently utilizing its resources and manpower for the development of the global good.

Student’s Reactions

From the student interviews we did, they all agreed that the movie was very inspiring, and has given them a huge challenge. Actually that since Lupita herself pulling off the “No Matter where you’re from, your dreams are valid” phrase, she has lived true to it, and now she is one of the Marvel’s Studios Comic Superhero(ine).

One of them said that Kisumu County is going to produce the Next Super Hero in due course.

Women Rules

First of all, King T’Challa’s sister Princess Shuri is the lead inventor and innovator of all the technology devices and ideas in Wakanda Kingdom. Wakanda has been gifted with Vibranium, this all powerful mineral that is used in medical tech, clothing, transport (Maglev trains), space crafts (Bugatti craft), weaponry etc. Thanks to the fact that Princess Shuri is the genius behind it all.

Another student opined that, men be warned!

The African women are taking over the world, as depicted by the fact that King T’Challa – the Black Panther was solely protected and guarded by women warriors – the Dora Milajes who, in addition to their protective function, they are also a pool of superior Wakandan women.

They also all agreed that they are now encouraged to continue exploiting their acting talents and nothing will dim it. They are now fired up!

And the students all said:



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