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Kisumu Fashion Week 2018 @ Acacia Premier Hotel
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Kisumu Fashion Week 2018 @ Acacia Premier Hotel | Kisumu | Kenya
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Kisumu Junk Festival @ Jumuia Hotel
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Kisumu Junk Festival @ Jumuia Hotel | Kisumu | Kenya
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Meet Maxwell Omondi – The Innovator From Kisumu


My story with Max, sorry Maxwell Omondi goes back 5 years ago. We met at an event at Maseno School, which brought together various young innovators from around Kenya in a nation-wide competition sponsored by Innovate Kenya showcasing innovations from students that solves the various humanitarian and social challenges affecting our communities and households. A very successful story from this competition is the Green Char Project by former Alliance Boys High School students.

At that point in time, Max had just completed his high school studies at Kisumu Boys High School a year before.Β The year was 2013. Kenya had just come out of another divisive election, with the main culprit being the voting technology that was employed for the process.

There were hues and cries that the tech used was not full proof and might have been tampered with to give President Kenyatta an unwarranted lead in the elections. This prompted Max to think of coming up with a gadget that will make the election full proof and legit to everyone using it and taking part in it.

voting machine
Maxwell’s voting machine prototype

Giving us a demo of the technology he had come up with, left us speechless of how effective it would have been if it was employed in the Kenyan Electoral Cycle to make the elections credible, thus building our electoral democracy.

No College Education

Maxwell Omondi has a minimum of just a normal formal high school level education. He never β€œupgraded” his skills-sets or knowledge within the walls of classes, ever after his high school graduation, despite being a sharp and astute student.

Mostly living in his native Gem home in Siaya County, Max keeps building gadgets to serve the local communities by designing, building and deploying machines into the communities to automate work and speed delivery of final products. However, at the moment he is based at a yard in Mamboleo Estate, Kisumu County, where he is building these amazing devices.

Below are the images of the making of the Blocks Machine

[Best_Wordpress_Gallery id=”2″ gal_title=”Max”]

Since Max’s services are highly needed in the construction sector, he decided to drop his first love – electronics to a work in the metallurgical industry. He now designs machines, builds hydraulic systems from scratch, lathes, welds, tests for safety, and eventually put together all these pieces to make a portable product. His recent being a machine the size bigger than our normal 14-seater matatus that produces picturesque exact copies of 10 concrete blocks every 25 seconds.

How impressive is that!

This machine he tells me would set back one more than KShs 1,000,000 or thereabout, which is way lower a cost of an almost similar machine from overseas in the developed world or China that would cost one tens of millions of Kenyan shilling.

A visit at his workshop in Mamboleo will blow your mind away with the simplicity of execution of his intellect building these amazing stuff.

I think this young man is living beyond his age, or rather this simple genius might be holding the key to industrial Kisumu, or Kenya.Β  The ideas he has are just out of this world, the friendliness he exudes to people around him is so infectious you automatically like him.

I think the sky is not a limit to him. This young man cannot be confined within any walls, boundaries, restrictions. He definitely is the Henry Ford, or even another living Steve Hawking of this generation.

It will not be a surprise for him to come up with a motorized device later on in future!

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  1. Many innovators soon give up for lack of take up of their innovations.
    Many admirers of such useful and potentially profitable innovations also do not want to pay for value, and quickly label them jua Kali so as to bring down the prices.
    Then there are copycats who will look at your invention and produce their own without paying a cent for the template.
    Please advise Maxwell to get in touch with KIRDI for partnership and patents.

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