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Amini – A “PrEp” Film Launch by Talanta Afrika


Talanta Africa is an Arts and Media Organization using the aforementioned tools to advance rights for the underserved populations. They work closely with the youth in the low income areas of Kisumu County.

What is PrEp one may ask? – “Amini”

Pre Exposure Prophylaxis (PrEP) is an additional prevention used by HIV negatives to prevent acquiring HIV from an already infected person. However, PrEP does not prevent some other STIs such as Syphilis thus combination of PrEP and Condoms ensures 100% prevention from all STIs.

prep - amini

PrEP is however not given ordinarily. It is only given to HIV negatives who are highly exposed to the HIV virus such as sex workers, men having sex with men or discordant couples and have to demonstrate the exposure to a health provider to be enrolled to PrEP. PrEP ensures protection if taken daily (A pill a Day) till the exposure to the HIV virus is managed.

Adherence to PrEP is a sure protection against HIV.

Talanta Afrika therefore advocates for uptake, adherence and retention to PrEP among the key populations in order to achieve zero new HIV infection among the key populations in Kisumu County.

This is through a media tool dubbed AMINI (Kiswahili for TRUST) that offers dynamic information on PrEP to help demystify myths and offer a chance for debates and discussions on PrEP.

The film is set to be launched on 19th January, 2018 from 6:00pm to 8:00pm at Joventure Hotel, Kisumu County.

Catch the trailer below:

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