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Something or Someone is Polluting the Kisumu Air


This is not a rant. But a major concern of a mega health and environmental catastrophe, if not nipped in the bud now. There’s a strong pungent pollutant in the Kisumu air most evenings and or nights in the neighborhood of some Kisumu estates viz: Elgons Estates, Ogango, and the surrounding neighborhoods along the growing industrial Kibos road.

Personally, we first thought it was a leaking gas from the stove in our house. And I’d go to the kitchen just to check if it had been turned off properly. And to my surprise, every time, the stove has always been completely and perfectly turned off.

This has been the case for a very long time now, and once in a while the pungent smell would come back again even stronger, and more consistently mostly in the night or mornings; and it never crossed my mind that it was anything dangerous, or serious.

More Kisumu Estates

A few days ago, I was shown a conversation in the interwebs, where residents of estates as far as Lolwe, Migosi, Car Wash, Kenya Re, Mamboleo, Kajulu are also experiencing this strange, strong putrefying smell. Some experience it in the wee hours of the morning, or in the dead of the night..

I live along Kibos road, Elgons Estates neighborhood to be specific. It is 11:07pm at night as I am writing this, and my house is filled with this bad smell. And its very strong, more like rotten eggs, or raw sewage or both, combined 1,000 times over. Sometimes your eyes are just irritating, and you keep on rubbing, and rubbing, and rubbing, thinking its just a normal itch.

In the social media, people are suspecting that the steel plant or the sugar firm in the neighborhood must be disposing off their untreated wastes in the dead of the night, oblivious to the environmental consequences, it may be predisposing the Kisumu community.

They are reporting that their kids are having difficulty in breathing whenever they get the whiff of the strong smell, and would get really uncomfortable and uncontrollable. With itchy eyes!

Is there a physical location where the wastes are being disposed? Or not?

Or they are releasing the polluted air at night, away from the purifying effects of the sun, reason as to why we don’t get the smell during the day, or we’re too busy with our “slaying” or “fake middle-class” lives to even take notice?

Its very irritating, the air that I breath is not fresh anymore.

Beat Pollution

Late last year, President Kenyatta hosted a very powerful United Nations Environmental Assembly, UNEA, delegation of world leaders at UNEP headquarters, Gigiri to discuss on environmental conservation.

And the delegates representing various countries vowed to protect the environment from all forms of pollution.

Kisumu air
Beat Pollution Flyer

Many cities world over, and China to be specific have some of the highest levels of air pollution, such that visibility is impaired during the day.

Someone also tagged us on Twitter, see below, and this is worrying. Images from Kachok Dumpsite.

Kisumu has to step up and secure our environment. We need to plant more trees in on our homes too, they will act as carbon sinks and help us purify the air around us.

With more developments and industrialization around us, we will be destroying most of our sacred ecosystems. Therefore, as a county, we must put in place policies and structures that will lead to environmental protection.

In my neighborhood for example, we are clearing the vegetation and replacing them with the new Bitcoin in the market: Real estate. We are not against development, but all we’re saying, is that let’s also put in place green practices in our development and architectural design. This is the new black in architecture. Let’s embrace it.

Professor Wangari Maathai

And just like the late Professor Wangari Maathai of the world leading environmental conservation body the Greenbelt Movement warned us before her passing on:

If you don’t protect the environment, the environment will destroy you!

And it still rings a bell, every waking day!

What to do? I am sick!! We’re sick!

Any environmentalists in the house who can decipher this? NEMA? Public Health professionals and or Investigators?

Anybody wanna join us to find the truth and uncover where this “shitty” smell is coming from?

If you’ve been a victim and gets this polluted air in your house or neighbourhood, please contact us.


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