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Kondele Like You’ve Never Seen It Before


Anyone in Kisumu, and I can bet most people in Kenya have heard of Kondele. This awesome place in Kisumu City, where all the action starts and stops. It is the center of all attractions, business, entertainment etc. Kondele never sleeps. Actually, it is the only fledgling 24-hour economy in Kisumu.

Many a times, it is negatively associated with violence, extremism, commercial sex and petty crimes, despite it seating pretty close at the world famous Kondele Police Station. 

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Kondele has a lot of good things going on in there. There has been built a really extensive road network with an expansive roundabout providing easy connection to Kakamega County, the Kisumu International Airport, the Kisumu CBD and also Nairobi road, all through the new Kondele bypass and overpass.

Bird’s eye view of the road network. Photos by Tony Hillary – TonnyHillPix (Courtesy)

This has also seen it attract petrol stations, hotels, hyper markets – Tumani and Choppies opening up the area to easy shopping, as this easily serves the big Kisumu Community living this side of town, from Manyatta, Car-Wash, Migosi, Lolwe, Kenya Re, Kibos, Mamboleo, Obunga, Nyawita and even Tom Mboya estates.

The road network. Photos by Tony Hillary – TonnyHillPix (Courtesy)

Anyways, there’s just so much we can talk about Kondele. Read also: Kondele: The Alternative Economic Hub of Kisumu?

The new road network. Photos by Tony Hillary – TonnyHillPix (Courtesy)

Photos courtesy of the famous Tonny Hillary who became 1st runners up in the 2017 CRBC Photography Competition earlier in the year


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