Kisumu Plus Size Fashion Affair – Season Two

The western part of Kenya is known for the endowed woman with curvaceous hips and strides of confidence, thus, Kisumu Plus Size Fashion Affair is an event to celebrate their endowedness.

Whenever people talk about modeling, what comes to mind easily is reference to runways and slim models/ladies. This has been the case around the world, but lately, this narrative is changing and modeling agencies have now opened their doors for slim, petite, male, and even disabled members of the community to drive particular aspects of our societies.

Kenya has not been left behind in emulating this change of relooking what modeling is both in the runways and also in pushing particular set of fashion/modeling information and agenda in our societies.

Here in Kisumu, we have seen shows hosted across the board with various positive significance. One particular one that is now in its second year is a modeling act around plus-size ladies. As you know, Kisumu and the Western Kenya region has always been associated with ladies who are always taken to be full-size women, or rather big size on their behinds (no pun intended 🙂 ). That’s what makes this region different.

Plus Size

Anyways, Elegant Models will this weekend host the second season of its annual “Kisumu Plus-Size Fashion Affair” at the Kisumu Hotel. The event will be celebrating these full-size women in the Kisumu society and to also tell the community that they too can strut the runway, and challenge the wrong narrative of looking down upon them when it comes to modeling.

Be fierce, be bold, be confident.

To get your ticket, please call: 0713468922 for delivery.

Well, see you this weekend October 14, 2017 at Kisumu Hotel, from 1800-till late and celebrate our beautiful women of Kisumu.


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