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Private Sector Players & The County Government of Kisumu Resolution on Demos


Private Sector stakeholders held a meeting with H.E. Governor of Kisumu County, The Deputy Governor and the Senator of Kisumu County earlier today regarding the state of security in the City of Kisumu during the ongoing anti IEBC demos.

This is also coming on the backdrop of the NASA Coalition pulling out of the repeat polls that had been scheduled for October 26, 2017 by the IEBC.


  1. Demos shall begin at 0900-1200HRS. The police is therefore granted authority to use force against anyone protesting beyond 12.00pm or before 9.00am.
  2. All businesses are advised to remain closed from 09.00am-12.00pm
  3. Kisumu County NASA coalition shall provide own security marshals to prevent looters and thugs who have always infiltrated the demos.
  4. That no more burning of tyres and barricading of the roads using rocks.
  5. All demos shall begin at Kondele. The demonstration proceeds to IEBC offices through Kakamega road then back to Kondele then disperse. Anyone found picketing outside the proposed route should be dealt with as criminals & not a protestor.
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