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Kisumu Bodaboda Operators Should and Must Pay Taxes


Bodaboda operators in Kisumu City yesterday went on a demonstration spree against their proposed taxation in the new County Finance Bill 2017.

This bill intends to bring the thousands of the Bodaboda operators into the tax bracket of the county.

The Intention is not far-fetched, as other members of the Kisumu community who trade in the streets as either hawkers or pavements-spread sellers also pay a daily fee to the county government.

The last three days have seen the members of the Kisumu community jump in to give their views on this taxation call. And as we observed the various proposals online, Kisumu residents feel that these bodaboda operators are not an exception. They should pay as everybody else.

Remember, the previous government spent millions of shillings to put up sheds for them to take cover from weather vagaries at various terminis in the suburbs and estates. Not forgetting taking some of them to a benchmarking trip to the Republic of Rwanda. (We don’t know the impact of this trip). This shows that they have been identified as a strong industry in the county, and should equally contribute to the growth of Kisumu.

Bodaboda operators demonstrate yesterday in Kisumu streetsΒ – Photo Courtesy

All our public spaces within the city have also been “hijacked” by these operators, thus, if they want to continue to be taken seriously, they should also contribute to the growth of our city. They scramble for any available inch of space with commuters, and most times have become a nuisance. In the process, knock down some, cause undue accidents at the same time cause road blockages when with impunity they want to cross the road without checking/confirming their individual safety of their passengers.

Kisumu County DG Dr Owili addresses the protestors at the county HQ yesterday – Photo Courtesy

Bodaboda operators make from as little as KShs 500 daily, and earns more money than many employed members of the public.

Walipe Ushuru!

Well, their planned demo didn’t go well too, as members of the public turned against them and even chased them away from the CBD.

If mama mbogas can pay daily fees, why not the bodaboda operators?

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