Police Retreat to Station after they Run out of Teargas

After staging an unsucessful demo in Kisumu last week (according to Kisumu standards), the police served the residents very well with the teargas they demanded, but still it did not satisfy their hunger. They accuse them of incompetance.

But again,

The demos in Kisumu has been temporarily put on hold after the demonstrators realised that the Police are out of teargas….

They have given the police 1hr to order for fresh teargas from Nairobi or any neighboring County so that they can continue with the Demo…

According to the demonstrators, they cannot run around town without them feeling the “Aroma”of teargas”

Mano ketho saa…. (that’s waste of time – a protester lamented)

Teargas Orumo teeeeeee… (all the teargas have been used up…)

In Kondele area, the police had to run for their dear lives and retreat back to the station as the demonstrators accosted them demanding for more of the “gas”.

After these Anti-IEBC demos areover, we will also demonstrate demanding to know who ate teargas money. You cannot tell us the police ran out of teargas!

“Teargas is the spice of any demonstration,” A mother in Kondele shouted.

Demos continue shortly…….


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