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Kisumu County Governor Meets Arts and Culture Entrepreneurs


For those who may not know, Kisumu County and by extension the Western Kenya region is the melting pot of culture in the Kenyan republic. From the shores of Lake Victoria and the surrounding territories you great visual artists, traditional dancers, sculptures, musicians, to the deep of the Kakamega rainforest with the world famous bullfighting, the region is very well known for its cultural heritage.

Yesterday, the governor, Prof Anyang’ Nyong’o,Β Β met his fellow Art and Culture Practitioners under the umbrella body of Kisumu Arts and Culture Guild.

Led by the very able leadership of Moses Oduwa and the different sector leaders, the roundtable discussions signaled the beginning of a symbiotic relationship geared towards improving the once neglected giant Industry, and to develop an integrated development plan between the artists and the County Govt.

Arts and culture roundtable with Prof Nyong’o

The discussions revolved around empowering the entrepreneurs to easily access various public facilities without restrictions, higher levies charged during photography and filming sessions, funds for enabling artists meet their entrepreneurial needs, Kisumu’s own state of the arts theater among others.

We hope that this roundtable among future ones will help develop talents in arts and culture and at the same time lay grounds for cementing Kisumu as the entertainment hub south of Sahara.

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