Security Alert: A Cry for Help in Nyamasaria, Who Will Save Us?

I live in Nyamasaria near the Nyamasaria Primary School. The residents here are being terrorised by armed robbers and gangs.

Nyamasaria Primary School

Soon after elections, there has been armed robbers breaking into peoples houses. I took this for granted until on Saturday night at 3.00am when they were trying to break into my house. I screamed my head out and they did not run away until a neighbour came to my rescue.

The same morning at 5.00am they broke into someone’s home too and stole.

Today they broke into my neighbour’s house and stole everything including food in the sufuria. I am told that they will have to come back again and make sure they get whatever they need in my house and this scares me a lot.

People, I know that you can help us reach out to the concerned security offices for raids around this area and more so pray for a safe Kisumu.

Those moving up and down late or early morning please watch out.

As shared by a Nyamasaria resident via Facebook.

PS: Use these Police Quick Response​ numbers for all security concerns in Kisumu.

  • 0720 119993
  • 0720 115757
  • 020 3529027
  • 020 8028226
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