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Hilarious: Kisumu Residents Say the #ChilobaMustGo Demonstration wasn’t Successful


Thousands of NASA supporters who took to the streets in Kisumu to demonstrate and demand the removal of the IEBC CEO Ezra Chiloba, term the demo very unsuccessful after the anti riot police kept off the streets.

They say demonstration is not complete without police confrontation, they insist teargas is bought by tax payers’ money and must be used appropriately.

And this was overhead in city streets.

“Polisi lazima wakuje, watufukuze ndio tunatoka… sasa tunajaribu kusema kuandamana bila teargas si maandamano! Mpaka warushe ndio tunatoka!

Hata governor aseme tuende hatuendi! Hiyo teargas imenunuliwa na ushuru wetu. Tumelipa ushuru, na ushuru lazima inunue teargas. Kama imenunua teargas, lazima turushiwe. Hii maandamano haiko successful. So as far as we are concerned kama watu wa Kisumu tunajua maandamano must be finised with teargas.”

Photos courtesy of Ondari Ogega and Browline Omondi

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