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Kibo Motorcycles Now Available in Kisumu


A Nairobi-based motorcycle manufacturer, Kibo Africa Ltd, has launched a sales centre in Kisumu with its first bike model, Kibo K150. The Mombasa Road based firm Thursday said the model is engineered for African roads, with training support as well as safety equipment and services.


“In Kenya and so many other African countries motorcycles play a key role in the provision of mobility, as motorbikes can go anywhere and are more affordable than vehicles, they meet a huge demand,” said Kibo Africa Ltd chief executive Huib Van de Grijspaarde.

The motorcycle is a preferred tool for mobility in most parts of Kenya due to its versatility and ability to crisscross rough roads. The firm’s operations director Alvin Mageto said the K150 is tough enough to withstand extreme terrain in Africa’s largely unpaved roads.

The Kisumu City sales store is located along Paul Mboya Rd, Samba Marina Restaurant Building Ground Floor.

They firm has plans to steadily increase production of the K150 and future models, which would creating jobs in manufacturing, transferring knowledge and producing motorcycles for both domestic and export markets.

Each motorcycle comes with an optional advanced rider training course, a warranty and top-tier accessories.

Motorcycles sales grew rapidly in the first three months of this year after the government made the bikes cheaper with removal of the Sh10,000 excise duty per unit.

Popular motorcycle models on Kenyan roads include Yamaha (Toyota Kenya), Car &General’s TVS brand, Honda, Indian firm Bajaj brands like Boxer, as well as low-cost Chinese makes.

– Courtesy Business Daily

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