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OPINION: With Prof. We Can Make Kisumu Great


OPINION: The swearing in of Prof. Peter Anyang’ Nyong’o as the Governor of Kisumu County on 21/08/2017 is a new turning point in the history of our beloved County.

Many agree that his Excellency the governor has a wealth of experience, skills and the drive to take Kisumu to the zenith of all developmental spheres. His inaugural speech was loaded with the message of hope to the hopeless, the pundits, Nyongophobiacs and Nyongomaniacs in equal measure. Thing one to thing ten hit all that Kisumu needs for a start. The question boggling all and sundry is whether the things are achievable.

Fellow Kisumians, the only obstacle towards achieving the projects and the programmes is US/We.

Are we ready to offer the Governor the total support that he deserves? Shall we remain committed and hawkeyed to see that each one of us does what is required of him/her? Success of devolution lies on the participation of the public in every stratum of the long profile.

One of the things that Prof. talked about was the relocation of the Kachok dumpsite. Are we going to allow him to get the land from our villages? Shall it remain an Achilles heel to every other Kisumu governor? Jubilee, Otonglo and Kibuye Markets are to be modernized, are we going to oppose the relocation of traders as the new construction will be going on? Are our MCAs going to support the bill on Kisumu County Road Maintenance Teams (KCRMT) without demanding for a kickback or a benchmarking trip to Israel? We have the key to the Governor’s success.

How are we ready as residents to embrace the change?(Mambo yanabadilika). We don’t have an option but to support our Governor if we truly want to reach Canaan. Let us not slumber waiting for another election cycle. “Sinani e Teko, nyaka gore to dhi”. As a people we can change our destiny. Under the umbrella of the newly to be formed Kisumu Economic and Social Council (KECOSOC), all our professionals both within and without, Innovators, Youths, Men and all Countizens have no choice but to midwife their desire for a better Kisumu in this caucus. We shall now have a forum where we can share our ideas. Please make use of it.

My Governor and the deputy have an onerous task of nominating and moulding a team that will assist them in making Kisumu great again. Against all odds we expect a team made of men and women pained with the suffering of our people and not brokers with the intention of milking Kisumo dry. It should not matter whether one was a campaign manager or financier. CHANGE is inevitable.

Under your leadership baba Lupita we expect a good communication team ready to inform the public accordingly about the journey to the Promised Land. Unity of purpose from among all the elected and informal leaders will be a recipe of a well developed Kisumu. Those who lost should join in bringing their experience into the new team.


Opinion piece by Richard Guya, via Facebook

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