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Two Organizations Leads Front in Kisumu’s Peace-Building


Jamii Thabiti Program and Local Capacities for Peace International (LCPI) – a non-profit making organization seeks to promote, advocate and create awareness on the need for conflict sensitivity in peace-building, humanitarian, and development interventions at community, regional state, state and international levels with the theme of β€˜DO NO HARM’.

Working with various community based organizations, LCPI and Jamii Thabiti promotes conflicts resolution and peace-building by initiating community dialogues among the dissenting/or conflicting groups.

LCPI took a leading role in addressing the conflicts between the Luo and Kalenjin communities involving land/boundary disputes, and cattle theft along the Nyakach- Kericho border.

Through collaborative communication consisting of committee members formed to address the rustling conflict, they notified the community elders when cattle rustling had taken place or was at high-risk to take place. They were able to report no conflict-related deaths between these communities in 2015.

In the various Kisumu estates flagged as possible conflict hotspots, LCPI through the Jamii Thabiti program has mobilized communities to discuss, address and solve any conflicts, violence and possible violence cases due to the upcoming elections through its four program areas of: Conflict sensitivity, Peace-building & conflict transformation, Socioeconomic transformation and Advisory services.

Areas as Obunga, Kondele, Nyalenda, Manyatta and parts of Nyamasaria are some of the possible conflict areas that have been put under sharp scrutiny by security authorities.

The local security organs via the County Commissioner have also assured residents that they shall be under watch, and will work with the local communities as peacekeepers and ensure business continues before and after the elections.

In the 2007 general elections, the security forces came under harsh criticism for being insensitive in curtailing violence or even using unnecessary force in addressing them. Some deaths were even reported as extra-judicial and the police officers involved were taken to courts for the same, with little prosecution of the officers.

This is the more reason why LCPI and partners are tirelessly working in changing the script on conflicts resolution and peace building in this part of the country.

We ask the local Kisumu community to play their part in ensuring they remain peaceful during this election, and to peacefully resolve any violence cases by reporting them to the authorities who have this time promised to work with them and ensure their security and safety.

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