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Lest We forget, Peace in Kenya Depends on Us


Kenya is a very special country. One that has politics ingrained in our national discourse all year round, and throughout the five year election cycle. Despite the many upheavals, our neighbors always count on us for refuge, friendship and even direction.

Many a times politics in Kenya takes a life of its own and is brought into the fore by many of the unfulfilled election pledges that the politicians drum up as soon as the campaign season starts, or rather as soon as the elected leaders shows course for opponents to start engaging the constituents pointing out glaring errors from the incumbency. This has made us a politicking nation from January through to December, each year.

Suffice to say, we as a republic has grown into leaps and bounds, opening up the Democratic space for engagements and nation building. All the way from our independence in 1963, we have had leaders and champions of democracy who have paid and still continue to pay the price of seeing an emancipated Kenya, that is home to all the 45million plus citizens. This made sure that the old colonialists constitution was replaced by one of the most progressive document in the whole universe. This also came at a price. Blood was shed for it to be realized.

However, we cannot forget to remember the 2007/08 post election violence episode that clouded the Kenyan nation. Lives were lost in a single time than we have lost in any one incidence in our nation’s history. We remember it all, with the ICC’s cloud also hanging there. It was a tough lesson for us all. Tough love that makes us squirm every time we think of the 07/08 memorabilia. We cannot go back there again.

Here in Kisumu, we also experienced our fair share of the post election violence upheavals. We have evidence of torched houses, displaced persons and also maimed persons and lives lost. This will be forever etched in our individual psyches.

For this reason, we are calling upon the mighty Kenyan population to abhor any forms of violence, organized or not, and put our nation first. We only have one country Kenya, and we must vow to ensure that it remains the forte of peaceful coexistence, love, justice and growth.

With the imminent end to this election cycle, let’s embrace the tenets of virtues that have gelled this country together. Brother to brother, sister to sister. Let’s hold each others hands.

We also have the authorities available just in case we have incidences around us, that we would like to be addressed.

In that case, make use of the following emergency numbers to report and also seek help while in Kisumu.

Helpful emergency contacts in Kisumu

We belong to each other. #DoNoHarm

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