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ALERT: Cholera Outbreak in Kisumu County


Three people die, 33 admitted to hospital in Kisumu as County Health Chief Officer Dr Ojwang Lusi confirms cholera outbreak.

For cholera to be confirmed at Kodiaga Prison then it means that the bacterium called Vibrio Cholerae has been within us for about 2-3 days before being detected. The possible scenario is that the area around the Prison is contaminated or where they receive the institutions supply from or even the visitors to the facility. This therefore means, we are exposed hence taking personal responsibility is called upon.

How do these bacteria spread?

Cholera bacteria are passed in stool and are spread by consuming contaminated food or water.

How soon do symptoms appear?

The symptoms generally appear 2 – 3 days after exposure (range 6 hours – 5 days).

SYMPTOMS of cholera infection may include:

  1. Diarrhea. Cholera-related diarrhea comes on suddenly and may quickly cause dangerous fluid loss — as much as a quart (about 1 liter) an hour.
  2. Nausea and vomiting. Occurring especially in the early stages of cholera, vomiting may persist for hours at a time.
  3. Dehydration.

Without treatment, death can occur in more than 50% of cases within a few hours.


  1. Water quality, check, treat at point of use. Chlorinate if possible.
  2. Food and food handling. Cook food properly. Know your source of fresh vegetables and fruits if possible.
    Let all food handlers go for check up. Remember they also stay with members of family who you may not have access to.
  3. Personal hygiene. Hand washing at critical moments for ALL. Sanitizers in strategic places.
  4. Finally, Quick response and treatment in case a suspect case arises. Every minute counts.
  5. Empower with info and vigilance.


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