You are Invited: The Voice Youth Dialogue in Kisumu

Youth below 30 years comprise over 75% of the Kenyan population and remain one of the richest assets in any society as they are considered energetic, creative, and innovative.

To achieve an inclusive society reflecting the voice of the majority in enhancing national development, it is imperative to ensure that the opinions of young people are regarded, especially when it comes to decisions that affect their future.

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This year 2017, Kenya will be electing her next set of leaders in government who will be responsible for carrying the nation forward. It is essential that young women and men are in involved in the decisions of leadership that will be made during the election process.

Youth voice is therefore pleased to invite Young Women and Men between the ages of 18 – 35 from Kisumu, Kenya and its environs to apply to attend The Voice Youth Dialogue that will be taking place in Kisumu on  18th July 2017 at Kisumu Hotel, sarting from 4pm.

The organizers will take the responsibility of organizing the venue and the speakers, the participants will be required to cater for their local transport to the venue. Successful Applicants will be contacted.

To make sure that you attend the event, please follow the link below:

Apply to Attend Youth Dialogue


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