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Little – Taxi Hailing App Launches in Kisumu City


Little is a taxi hailing mobile phone app bringing technology and transport together to offer a little better riding experience. Safaricom is partnering with Little to power the technology platform on which the app operates.

Little in Kisumu

Today, this app that promises the best ride of your life, just launched in the lakeside city of Kisumu. When walking the streets,  you may have seen beautiful ladies in white tops and placards of the app.

“We are also pleased to announce that for the next three months customers in Kisumu will enjoy discounted rides of KShs 25 per Km.” said Kamal Budhabhatti, Chairman Craft Silicon.

Little launch at Jomo Kenyatta Sport Ground, Kisumu

Welcome to Kisumu!

Kisumu City is a virgin territory when it comes to taxi hailing services, often associated with swag, and thus makes it a very attractive environment for running the hailing service. The city doesn’t have a major taxi hailing service just yet. Uber, is not here, Sendy launched in Kisumu a while ago, but did not pursue the opportunity highly, but runs a bodaboda service all the same. Another taxi hailing service that launched in the city, though very softly is Fone Taxi, just last week in Kisumu.

Little promises to Make Your Ride Special. How?

  • Secure cashless payments via Lipa Na M-PESA
  • Free WiFi for you while on your trip
  • Listen to your preferred FM Radio station
  • Share trip details with loved ones while on a trip
  • No price surges
  • See live fare updates while on the trip
  • Get fare estimates before trip

You can download the Little app.

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