Forget seafood (no pun intended), my friends Ngozi and Ngiri (funny names for human beings, right?) had this trending hashtag awhile ago, about seafood lunches at the only fine dining restaurant in the heart of Kisumu City’s CBD. The restaurant, Roan Rooftop, is very synonymous with delicacies from water bodies – seafoods, and now fresh catfish (Kamongo) from Lake Victoria.

Jokingly, these two gentlemen up there started creating a tribe of passionate fish consumers – after all, Kisumu is made for fish, and by fish, what did you expect? And every lunch time, it will be lunch at Roan; Ngiri, let’s meet at Roan Rooftop, or just Roan, or Rooftop, as many Kisumu peeps call it. And they would take photos of these heavenly meals, give them digital memories, share on FB, and the crowds like us would fathom and would be like, next time don’t leave me behind!

This even made the proprietor of the restaurant – Harold Ocholla host an event – Seafood Tasting for Dummies (all pun intended – does this guy think that we are dummies when it comes to seafood?) đŸ˜‰

I remember I was so damn interested in attending this “dummies” thing, but unfortunately, work took hold of me and couldn’t allow me. But there were over 60 other dummies who were very lucky to sample the seafood offering.

To cut this long story short, last Thursday, the duo were on it again, and now with a self branded Kisumu’s first “Kamongo Festival” at Roan.

In Ngozi’s own words,

@180 Bob Kisumu was united , Slayers , movers and shakers , politicians , socialites , business men, civil servants all were @ #RoanRoofTop for kamongo.. 180bob ogolo ji mamboleo, dunga, nyawita, obunga and many more …

And kisumu came in numbers. Kamongo festival went down was lunch for kisumu by kisumu.. Thank you Harold Ocholla for the meals .. #RoanRoofTop

I didn’t know that Kisumu people like Kamongo this much! Well done Ngiri and Ngozi, that was a beautifully crafted experiential marketing idea. Keep it up.

These below are more photos from this festival.

Supermodel Achieng’ Odongo wasn’t left behind.
WWW, Teq Binti and friends were ndani, ndaani for Kamongo
Tear it up, Xpat Mkwanja would have said. All for kamongo
Dismas Ogola enjoying the tasty meal
After all is said and done, empty plates is my witness đŸ˜‰ 

See you next Thursday, and every lunch day at Roan Rooftop! đŸ™‚

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