Distinguished Kisumu County Residents,

We began this journey a year ago, none of us knew the course of democracy will be dented to this extent. As a youth and the only one in ODM Governor race, many did not believe I was taking a full measure. Many of my friends and supporters fell by the wayside. Others gave up. But we kept the faith, knowing that it was not going to be an easy ride after all I was not taking a half measure in my resolve to steer Kisumu County.

Nelson Mandela said, there is no easy path to freedom. For as they say, the tree of liberty is often watered with the blood of the brave. Today, I am humbled by your feedback and as a youth, I know I will leave to fight another day. I stand in the shadows of one Tom Mboya who is an inspiration to many of us youths. I look yonder and see the Promised Land for Kisumu County residents because it will come through a passionate youth like me. I look into the eyes of every resident of this great county and I see tolerance, strength and determination.

The ODM nominations in Kisumu had a lot of irregularities that obviously makes it hit below the threshold of a free and fair nomination. There were unnecessary delays in passage of right information to the aspirants and even the voters themselves. The total tally is still conflicting and the confusion is a recipe for chaos. I urge the National Election Board (NEB) to step in and give directions with verified tallies per candidate to restore tranquility in the County. The verification by NEB should also include verified serial numbers of the ballot papers used.

Seventy Seven thousands, four hundred and thirty two (77,432) voters in Kisumu county expressed their confidence in my candidature by voting me to be the Governor.

This being the results as collated from my agents spread across the county. However, despite the flagrant or enormity of the claw-back to our democratic gain, my votes appeared not to be numerically superior to bag the seat for Governorship of this great county of Kisumu. I also note that the party nomination officers declared two of my opponents ‘winners’, I believe there can only be one winner. Kisumu County being the seat of western Kenya and city for the great lakes region, the National Election Board should expedite and forestall any unrest that might be caused with the confusion around the results.

I am encouraged by the sacrifices my supporters made to stand with me throughout this journey. I want to appreciate these sacrifices from the bottom of my heart. Special thanks to my secretariat, youths, women and men who contributed to my campaigns financially, materially and emotionally. As a youth, I believe we have won together as youths of this great county of Kisumu. I also thank those who did not vote for me because they expressed their democratic right unfettered in our Constitution and I’m confident they will support my next action towards the leadership of this county.

Underleaf is how I scored per Sub County:

Sub County Number of Votes 
Kisumu East 7, 776
Kisumu West 10,009
Kisumu Central 10,112
Muhoroni 16,402
Nyando 6,908
Nyakach 19,374
Seme 6,851
Total votes 77, 432

God bless you and God bless our great county Kisumu.
^ Arch. Christopher Ondiek

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