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What are the Roles of the MCAs – Members of the County Assemblies?


The roles of the MCAs (Members of the County Assemblies) or Ward Representatives in Kenya is diverse. Yet, a large group ofΒ people do not know the role of the Members of the County Assembly (MCAs).

People associate the MCAs with greed and opportunistic behaviour because of how the media posts sensational tales about them. The MCAs are always in the news, mostly for the wrong reasons.

Makueni County Assembly Photo: Roles of MCAs
Makueni County Assembly Photo: Roles of the MCAs

Roles of the MCAs:

  1. Legislation – they enact county laws to operationalize the devolved functions,
  2. Oversight – they check the County Executive led by the Governor and County Executive Committee Members
  3. Representation – They represent the voters in the Wards in the Assembly

What this mean is that we need Ward Representatives:

  1. Who are competent to effectively deliver the above roles. In other words they must have adequate levels of education for them to discharge their roles accordingly.
  2. Who are firm and not likely to be manipulated by the county executives

Even as we go to the party primaries (even to those counties that have already completed theirs), let’s put this into consideration. This counts for the general election too. We would like to see vibrant leaders in the August houses, who will articulate issues for the ordinary mwananchi, as well as bring up policy documents that would help guard on the life of the electorate.

Stand up and be counted by voting in competent men and women who can move our country forward.

Arise and elect visionary leaders come August ladies and gentlemen. Your country’s future depends on it!


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