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President Kenyatta In Kisumu: Urges Kenyans to Uphold Peace during Elections


President Uhuru Kenyatta today received a rousing welcome from thousands of Kisumu residents who lined up the road from the airport to the Kisumu State Lodge to greet him.

Addressing the residents of the lakeside city, President Kenyatta thanked them for the warm welcome and for hosting the National Drama Festival – the climax of which is the festival’s State Concert that he presides over.

He especially asked the youth to guard against being exploited by politicians to cause chaos.

β€œDo not allow yourselves to be used by politicians who will dump you once they have achieved their political goals,” President Kenyatta said.

The Head of State pointed out that every Kenyan had a right to vote and to choose their leaders, emphasizing the importance of peace and unity throughout the election process.

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β€œIt does not matter whether you are a Kamba, a Luo, Kikuyu or any other tribe, what is important is that we are all Kenyans,” said the President.

The President, who had indicated that he would not hold roadside rallies during his visit dedicated to the state concert, was urged to speak by the enthusiastic crowds.

President Kenyatta promised the residents that he will return to the region in May on a development-related visit, as well as interact with residents and their leaders.

Kisumu County Governor Jack Ranguma was among the residents who greeted the President, joining him at the lakeside State Lodge for the state concert.

The President separately held a meeting with religious leaders at the Kisumu airport. They told him of their campaign to ensure the country maintains a peaceful process ahead of the elections.

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