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A Rejoinder to Governor Ranguma’s Post on 5 Major Deliverables: Re-Election Agenda 2017


To the great people of Kisumu I greet you! Thank you GOV 042 (Governor Ranguma) for the opportunity (courtesy this post) to engage you on facts vs fictions on your re-election agenda 2017.

You start by saying, “By your power of the vote and by the will of God almighty, These FIRST 5 in the first financial year will take place…” Bwana Governor, as a bare minimum, courtesy demands that you start by thanking the people of Kisumu for having given you a chance to be their CEO for the last 4+ years. Failure to show gratitude to honour accorded to you reveals your true self, even the “2 Jubilee boys” begin speeches by, “Fellow Kenyans thank you….”! On Servant leadership, you score E- but this I leave for another day!

  1. Jack, you say, “Each and every home will be under NHIF… implies universal healthcare…” as a solution to health crisis? – Really Jack? Really? Where is your plan for safe WATER and Sanitation? Any talk of Health without Water simply smacks ignorance in 2017 and beyond. Jack, surely, (ask your health minister Water Vs Diseases).

“More than 5m people die each year from diseases caused by unsafe drinking water, lack of sanitation, and insufficient water for hygiene (WHO, 2016)” – Kisumu has no safe water.

With 9 out of 10 people facing 3 of the 4 water disease related causes, Give Kisumo “safe water and Sanitation” and see 50% of patients (80% children Under 5) leave the hospitals across the county for home and school.

Jack, WHO says, “For every $1 invested in water and sanitation, there is an economic return of between $3 and $34!”

Keep your NHIF and give us water, we shall be ok. I tell you!
Sir! Kisumu is the only county in on earth that sits on the shores on the largest freshwater lake (MOAL – Mother of All Lakes)

A Governor who has failed to buy hospital beds to a Referral hospital in Kisumu, patients sleeping on the floor and sharing beds yet he is the Chairperson of Health Committee in the Council of Governors. Now he wants to provide universal health care in Kisumu through NHIF is a joke.

  1. You talk of “Increased scholarships and bursaries to each and every deserving student…” Ok Jack, ever heard of Abraham Maslow’s hierarchy of needs? Humans DO NOT READ ON EMPTY STOMACHS, Education without food smacks ignorance beyond repair in 2017. Where is your plan for Food Security in Kisumu? Jack, Physiological needs (air, food, and water) comes before Education which is already provided for in the KATIBA and ensured by ODM’s fight for reforms!

Governor Ranguma

Give us your scorecard on food security and improvement of County run schools. Jack, over 90% of food in Kisumu County comes from outside the county – a fact check with your SERVICE CHARTER (https://kisumu.go.ke/about/pillar_of_development) lists food security as the 1st of the 9 “PILLARS FOR KISUMU COUNTY DEVELOPMENT” – (never mind this is stolen word for word from ODM manifesto). All the same, with due respect Sir, present the scorecard of your own promise to Jokisumu.

Who failed us on this? For the answer bwana governor, Look in the mirror.

  1. Your say “… (set to begin in September)” Construction of Kibuye 6 storey trade center & Jubilee 3 storey market complex” to house over 110,000 traders – Kibuye with all its revenue has been razed down by fire over 3 times on your watch? No plan, no safety, no strategy – just muddling through. But Why now Jack? Why? Yet you promised this on day one? What will Jokisumo sell in these 6 stories without a plan for agriculture and food production? Jack, Jo-Kisumo deserves better. Just like health and water, market goes with produce (Animal and Crop husbandry) – Economics 1o1.
  1. “Tarmacking of County main roads…” – Let us not go here, all ODM counties, even Wajir, Turkana, and just yesterday, Mombasa unveiled their road. What of Kisumu? On this I bow my head in shame since I live in Kajulu Mamboleo – once often you splash us water or paint us dust as your convoy zooms to Kibos Sugar Company to say hello to your “friends”. State of the Road is simply deplorable – a true reflection of state of the county 042!
  1. You close by saying “Increased trade fund for a wider reach to traders as loans to grow their enterprises.”… Jack on this, let me simply laugh (tihihihiii!) – If your county government (running the most opaque procurement system on earth), could not give traders and business to Jopiny, only to cartels while many suppliers are either in court or gave up on their payment? Yawa! With this, Jump into river Nyando alone! “Chubwi” kose “Chublu”?
  1. Finally, in your own, “PILLARS FOR KISUMU COUNTY DEVELOPMENT” – you listed the following:


All these you lifted from “The Kenya Economic Recovery Strategy for Wealth and Employment Creation (ERS) (2003-2007)” by then Planning Minister Prof. Anyang’ Nyong’o. But even with this just to craft a team to implement sections of it over 4 years! Otami!


Bwana Governor, where did the rain start beating you? Isn’t a leader judged ability to retain critical brains around him? Go search for your first cabinet and say thank you, they made you tick, now you stink! Greet for me among others Omulo Okal (the banker form Muhoroni) and Vincent Kodera (Engineer from Nyakach) both hounded out of office! They would have made Kisumu great and again!

Jatelo! Take your report form and go-home! For good! Chubwi! Let us Otuoma this guy the Busia Way!
(Over to you)

Item Grade Remarks: Your Score: D Re-Admit (re-elect) at your own risk


Go-home! For good, No repeating class!


Head Teacher (Jokisumo/Employer/Voter/Taxpayer)

~ This has been written by Mr. Owuor via Facebook.

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