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Call for Citizen Participation in the Monitoring of the Political Parties Nominations 2017


Dear Kenyans,

This is a call for citizen to monitor the #Nominations2017 exercise.

The Independent Electoral and Boundaries Commission requires parties to conduct party primaries between April 13 and 26 2017 and submit their lists of nominees to the Commission on or before May 10, 2017.

Citizen participation in politics is often through political parties, and how the primaries are conducted more often than not mirrors the general elections. Already there have been incidences of violence within political parties in relation to individuals interested in various elective seats.

An IEBC official shows a woman how to cast her vote at the Girgir primary school in Archers Post, Isiolo County, March 4, 2013. REUTERS/Siegfried Modola

Section 31 (2C) of the Election Act requires IEBC to publish names of persons contesting in a party primary and the date of the party primary within seven (7) days of the receipt of the names of the party candidates.

The real change lies in influencing outcomes of nominations. It is largely expected that respective parties will carry the day on elections day in their strongholds, regardless of who gets elected. This means that individuals who get nominated stand a higher chance of getting elected. This opens up a loophole where non-deserving candidates are elected during the primaries.

In this regard, we propose that Kenyans take part and own the campaign around party nominations with a view to ensure the candidates who get nominated, are not only persons of integrity, but individuals who carry the interests of the people. Kenyans need to take part in the nominations process if they are to influence the kind of leaders they will get.

Many suitable leaders lose out if primaries are not free, transparent and fair. Kenyans participating in the nominations need to also watch out for incidences of bribery and intimidation.

Section 39 of the Political Parties 2011 establishes the Political Parties Disputes Tribunal, whose mandate is to fairly and expeditiously resolve a raft of disputes arising from political activities. A lot of disputes are likely to emanate from the nominations process, and active citizen monitoring will go a long way to providing the necessary evidence the tribunal will need.


  • To ensure party nominations procedures/rules are publicly available to all members
  • To rally Kenyans to monitor the nomination process in the respective parties they have membership in.
  • To encourage as many people to participate at the nominations in order to identify leaders with the kind of qualities and values we anticipate at the national and local levels.

Results Sought:

  • To raise awareness among members of various political parties on their roles within their respective political parties in maintaining democratic governance.
  • Nomination processes that reflect the will of the membership
  • Reporting incidences, processes of nominations near you.

Note: This campaign transcends political parties.


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