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Pedagogy of Oppression: A Pop Art Showcase at Sovereign Hotel, Kisumu


Merriam Webster Dictionary defines Pedagogy and Oppression separately as:

  • Pedagogy – “The art, science or profession of teaching”
  • Oppression – “Unjust or cruel exercise of authority or power”, “A sense of being weighed down in body or mind”.

Pedagogy of Oppression

Is thus, “The art and science of teaching oppressive behaviours to the masses”

The body of works focuses on the pedagogy of oppression; rather, the art of teaching oppression to the masses.

The sustenance of oppression is achieved when the OPPRESSOR teaches the OPPRESSED the art of oppression. It metaphorically examines oppression through a series of thought provoking pencil pieces. The significance of the pieces transcends race, culture, religion and other forms of social classification and the theme is applicable at a universal scale.

Pop Art Show at the Sovereign Hotel, Kisumu from 5.30pm on March, 31st 2017 to April, 02nd 2017

Acts of oppression are not just obvious manifestations of cruelty. In many cases, they are seemingly harmless and regular things that form some of the norms in society. Religion, politics and economic systems are some of the most oppressive social structures in the society, regardless of their importance. The ability to weigh down the people’s minds makes oppression mainstream and even accepted. It seems today that the only change that occurs is when the oppressed become the oppressor after learning this art.

If you love art and appreciate the truth then boy do we have a treat for you! Catch us this weekend at Sovereign Hotel for an art showcase like no other.

Come find out how religion, politics and other social structures have made you a prisoner and appreciate great pieces of art from ‘Nikomambo’


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