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Plastic Bags Banned in Kenya Effective August 2017

Most of the trenches and drainage channels, the surrounding neighborhoods, not forgetting the Kachok Dumpsite here in our lakeside Kisumu City has been “taken-over” by the rampant plastic domination.

Our estates are so unsightly, our sewers and drainage channels get clogged in every waking day!

A spotcheck at any of the housing estates will tell you how filthy the dwellings have become. Nobody seems to care the effects/after effects of the reckless disposal of our household wastes.


A shopper carrying goods in plastic bags

Is it a question of non-collection of the household solid wastes, or carelessness in the part of householders not to care about proper wastes disposal, or is it not understanding the need to dispose of the wastes carefully and into the provided waste collection bins.

Anyways, this is set to come to an end.

With the gazettement of the EMCA Cap 387 vide Gazette Notice No. 2356 below, it seems the Ministry of Environment and Natural Resources through the Cabinet Secretary Judy Wakhungu has taken bold steps to start dealing with this environmental menace.

And as dated, it means that from August 1, 2017, it will be illegal to use, or manufacture these plastic bags. But the BigQ is, will Kenyan’s abide by these new regulations?

Commercial outlets that will fail to charge customers for the bags could be jailed for up to 12 months or fined up to KShs 3 million or both.

Let’s wait for August 🙂

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