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How to Stop Dead Voters and Election Thieving


The dead don’t wake up, vote then return to their graves. We the living do it for them. We don’t necessarily need biometric identification. Theft of votes is done right at that small class where we vote. That must be the focus point.

It’s a fact some voters are given two ballot papers for president in the party strongholds. If a party targets 5 extra ballot papers/votes in each class in a polling centre with 30 classrooms, adds up to 150 stolen votes in one centre alone.

Maasai people queue to vote in Ilngarooj, Kajiado County, Maasailand, March 4, 2013. (Photo credit CARL DE SOUZA/AFP/Getty Images)

Forensic audits has exposed anomalies in figures in regard to presidential votes where you find some people only voted for president and left. It’s a loophole created by IEBC policy makers and a few rotten staffs conniving with political parties. I also blame parliament for not seeing this lacuna. How to stop this theft:-

  1. Manually identify and mark by crossing the name of the voter in the register, as is the case.
  2. After voting is complete, DO NOT start sorting and counting votes straight away. Hapa ndio shida iko. You are basically covering up.
  3. The manually marked register in that class MUST be presented and each marked name counted openly in front of observers and party agents to ascertain how many people living souls entered that particular class. That figure will be the denominator all cross the respective seats-president, Governor, Senator,MP, WR, MCA.
  4. The counterfoils of the ballot books MUST be presented and counted openly in front of the observers and party agents. The numbers MUST match that of the manually marked voters who entered that class.
  5. Empty all the presidential votes from the ballot boxes but DO NOT start the sorting of each individual’s votes.
  6. Count all the votes in that class for the presidential together before sorting them out. The total number of votes in that class must definitely match the MARKED NAMES in the register and the BALLOT COUNTERFOIL books. The denominator remains constant. The total number of votes, say for the presidential, cannot surpass the number of persons who physically entered that class to vote. It can be less but not more. If more, then some mischief happened. The IEBC officer in charge be given powers to nullify the results in that particular class.

If the denominator matches across all the votes cast then proceed with:-

  1. SORT the votes as per each candidate.
  2. Count the votes as per each candidate.
  3. Party agents and those responsible sign the result forms to which they have thoroughly gone through and physically witnessed.


Am very sure if this procedure, and any addition is put into law and strictly followed, theft of votes which begins in that small room, will be a thing in the past. Biometric identification is not a solution but another loophole in itself.

In a manual system, you leave a trail of hardcopy documents that can be relied for auditing or in a court of law in case the election is disputed. Wanjiku is not disfranchised in case the machine fails at the voting. Wanjiku is not interested in the tallying and transmission of votes but to vote, go home, and her right to choose be respected.

To MPs and Senators

Be sincere. We Trust and only Believe in God not machines. But if that’s your case, then don’t be enslaved and over reliant on machines because they fail at some point. Machine won’t stop theft. You must have a reliable backup. A hardcopy backup is the best in our current situation. A manual backup to resort to when machines fails. Strength the manual system. You can help bring change by amending and passing it on to relevant authorities.


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